As your garden grows, we at Miller Plant Farm stress the importance of controlling weeds and maintaining loose soil around your plants.  During this time, cultivation is one of the most important garden jobs.   Whether your garden is in York, PA, or elsewhere, you can follow these guidelines to help your plants thrive.

  • Proper cultivation loosens the soil and permits the rain to soak in so that none of it is lost.
  • It preserves moisture by killing weeds which, if allowed to grow, would rob the crops of both moisture and nutrients. 
  • It provides favorable conditions so that beneficial bacteria in the soil can do their work.
  • Begin cultivation as soon as plants are up, provided the soil is not to wet. Never work soil when wet.
  • Cultivate as often as necessary to keep weeds under control. Weeds are easily killed when they are small.
  • If a crust has formed on the soil because of hard rains before the seedlings are up, break the crust by going over the surface with a rake. Care must be taken not to work too deep and disturb the seeds or seedlings.
  • Roots of many vegetables are near rhe soil surface and can be damaged easily by a hoe or cultivator if care is not taken when cultivating. As the season progresses set the cultivator shallow, and do not get close enough to the rows to disturb the plant roots.

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