Quality Products at Miller Plant Farm

At Miller Plant Farm, it's all about plants and quality comes first.  Our family-owned farm and garden center serves both home gardeners and commercial farmers in the local York, PA area as well as surrounding counties and states.   

We are growers, producing 95% of the plants and flowers as well as vegetable transplants and herbs right here at the farm.  

We are also farmers, growing fresh produce for sale in season to the local community from the very plants that we start from seed and sell.

Whether you are planning a home garden of flowers, vegetables or herbs, or you are a commercial farmer seeking transplants, you will find everything you need here at the farm.  In fact, you can see a sampling of our high-quality Miller Plant Farm products here online...

  • See a selection of our most popular Flowering Potted Annuals and Pack Annuals.
  • View a list of the most sought-after Vegetable Transplants in our greenhouse.
  • Browse the top picks for fresh Produce available in season - vegetables and vine crops from our own farm.
  • Compare the many varieties of Poinsettias to beautify your holiday season.
  • View a selection of our most favored Herbs just waiting to be a part of your own herb garden. 
  • Find Hanging Baskets and Containers planted from our own root cuttings.
  • Choose from our many Holiday Gift Items in pots, basket, planters and more
  • Select a yummy treat from our 'in-house' Bakery or order something delicious for your next holiday gathering! 
  • Check out our Planting Supplies for a selection of pottery and everything from straw and hay to potting soil and much more.


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