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Our CSA produce schedule

Produce Schedule: Below is the range of product availability. This list is not in alphabetical order, rather chronological order. Availability subject to weather and natural forces.

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Strawberries June
Spring Peas June
Lettuce June - October
Spinach September - November
Broccoli June & August - October
Cabbage June & August - October
Cauliflower September - October
Squash June - September
Cucumbers June - September
Zucchini June - September
Beets June - October
Carrots July - October
Cherries June - July
Candy Onions August  - September
Eggplant July - September
Leeks September - October
Green Beans July - October
Tomatoes June - October
Specialty Tomatoes July - October
Peaches July - September
Cantaloupes July - September
Specialty Melons July - September
Sweet Bell Pepper July - October
Hot Peppers July - October
Sweet Corn July - October
Watermelon August - September
Apples August - November
Sweet Potatoes September - October
Pumpkins September - October
Kale October
Spaghetti Squash August - October
Winter Squash September - November
Brussels Sprouts October - November

Register for our 2024 CSA Now!

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