2020 CSA Week #8 Update

Steve From the Farmer

Dear CSA Shareholders,

In this week's 'From the Farmer' article, I would like to write about the importance of pollination in the crops we grow here at the farm. I chose this topic for many reasons, but the main reason is so as many people as possible better understand that without pollination it’s hard to harvest quality produce. We are fortunate to have honeybee hives that help to aid us in this process. 

I have friends call me and ask why their plants are lacking fruit set, and customers that have experienced squash that is pointed and typically yellow discoloration at the blossom end. These are all symptoms of pollination and unfortunately there isn’t much to do for it other than try to draw in the bees with some attractants. 

I also wanted to talk about my favorite crop that we grow here at the farm, which is watermelons. Watermelons are very reliant on good pollination to produce those delicious red, yellow, and orange seedless that we are hopeful to provide for you this year. I thought that I would mention that in order to get a quality seedless watermelon, which provides the female flowers, it takes a minimum of 8 visits from a bee to pollinate and make one quality watermelon. You also need a seeded watermelon to provide the male flowers. I always found that information about watermelons to be very interesting and thankful of the bees to pollinate my favorite fruit to enjoy. I hope that this insight about pollination is helpful and interesting when you enjoy your produce this summer. 

Brent Clever

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Week #8
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Lettuce/Swiss Chard
Sugar Cube Melon

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Updated 7.26.20

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